What We Do

Our Solutions:

We offer a bespoke Virtual Art Department. Our teams of Art Directors , Real-Time Environment Artists and Engineers thrive at creating a healthy, collaborative workflow. Our solutions can be engaged with collectively or individually.

All of our solutions are created to work with both real-time and traditional VFX workflows.

Visual Development

Sketches & Concept Art

Every production could use a little bit of sketching. We have the ability to work with pre-existing concept art or we can collaborate with you in this process to help you achieve greenlighting and proof of concept goals.

Visual Development

Environment Design & Layout

Right after the 2D concept phase, we begin to build our 3D environments. In a matter of weeks what starts as shapes, quickly turns into the assets and environments necessary to tell your story. Our engineers have created custom tools for creatives to convienently design their environments respective to their role in the production.

Real-time Environments

Look Development, Lighting & Optimization

Whether your goals are to design a blue print to turn over to a traditional VFX house, or a highly detailed environment
ready for the LED volume, our artists will light and optimize accordingly to fit your post production pipeline.


Location & Set Dec Capturing & Processing

Our team can create assets from scratch, and use Lidar Scanning, Photogrammetry, and Drones, to capture real life locations and assets, to create visually engaging worlds. Our proprietary workflow and tools simplify this process allowing them to be relit and modified in real-time on set.

Virtual Production Workflows for Art Departments

Virtual Cameras & Virtual Pre-Lights

Virtual Cameras and Virtual Pre-lights focus the teams where it matters most. In these sessions, Happy Mushroom works closely with the Cinematographer to place virtual cameras and light the digital sets created by the production designer and art department.

Virtual Production Workflows for Art Departments

Virtual Set Decoration

Our Virtual Set Decoration process consists of asset libraries and tools we’ve developed for set decorators to furnish virtual sets, VFX environments, and inform physical set construction plans. This enables the art department to confidently support creative leads and advise other departments on set requirements.

Production Planning


Techvis is the technical documentation of Virtual Art Department Worlds, Previs and Post-vis sequences. It clearly translates the digital world into a format that can be used by on-set departments and VFX, to successfully set up shots. We stress the importance of creating worlds that are both beautiful and practical, this means creating worlds that have a foundation in real-world physics. In the case of the Virtual Art Department, we are grounded by certifiable measurements and specifications. We use everything from traditional blueprints, to photogrammetry and virtual scouts to appropriately represent what the client will get on the stage, or in VFX.

Virtual Production

Multi-User Virtual Scout - Our Golden Ticket

The Multi-user Virtual Scout is a VR space for teams to realize their worlds and shots, remotely and organically. The Multi-user Virtual Scout is a oppurtunity for production designers, cinematographers and other creatives to present their current iterations to producers or studios. We’ve removed the complexities of traditional location scouts while retaining the real-time, in-person collaborative process that makes scouting so valuable. Jumpstart your production with a mixture of process, tools and asset libraries built to speed up the decision making process.

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